This site is an effort to re-unite the friends of Batch-88 of Engineering University School, Dhaka, Bangladesh. There were 51 students who passed their SSC Examination in 1988 from this school. The main idea of the site is to find those friends once again and keep them weaved together who had gone scattered soon after the departure from the school. Thanks to the relentless effort of the members, the site has so far been able to gather as many as 34 participants and the list is growing.
The school started its journey as "Ankur Bidyalaya" in BUET campus in 1976. In 1982 the set up of the school was moved to its own building with the new name (i.e. Engineering University School). Since the very beginning, the school has always been registering outstanding results in S.S.C and more importantly producing radiant citizens of brilliant minds. It is still named among the best-ranked schools in Dhaka City.

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